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When we say we are “highly-trained professionals” — we mean it. Each technician in our business is trained for a minimum of 120 hours. In both the field and in a specialty classroom, we educate our technicians on pool services, water chemistry, and other needed pool-related information. We train our technicians rigorously because we want anyone representing us to have an understanding of the services we provide. With a full understanding, our business can then provide our customers with a better quality service. Our hope, is that with our technicians being well-informed, we can then pass on our knowledge to our customers.With this passage of knowledge the customers we serve will be more understanding and better comprehend their pool filtration systems and the importance of water quality.

Why choose AmeriTex?

  • Dependable
  • Eco-Friendly Methods
  • Professional
  • Timely
  • Price Transparency

There are many other local pool companies around you, but our business is like no other. We are a unique pool service because we put quality and knowledge over a paycheck. Our technicians are not only well-trained, but are educated about pool performance, pool care, and water quality.
Your pool is important to you and maintaining it can be a huge inconvenience. AmeriTex takes the hassle out of pool cleaning and maintenance, and puts effort into making your pool look its absolute best. After all, a pool is wasted space if it is not cleaned regularly. With our help, your pool can be at its peak condition without you having to take time to clean it. If you are interested in learning more about our services, contact us today. Over the phone, we can discuss the unique qualities of your pool and estimate the exact costs of maintaining it.