Pool Repairs: What You Need to Know

On average, homeowners will spend up to $602 to repair their swimming pools. The typical range of pool repair costs are anywhere between $240 to $989. But where are these costs coming from? What specifically needs to be repaired or maintained with a swimming pool?
In this blog, we will discuss where some of these expenses come from and how to avoid them (if you can). Swimming pools will naturally cost money, especially if you are heating the water or keeping up with its chemical treatments. However, there are other repairs that can be avoided if you take good care of your pool

Out-Ground or In-Ground Swimming Pool Repair

In-ground pools are more easily damaged because they are at the mercy of Mother Earth. An in-ground pool will be more vulnerable to earthquakes and natural cracking. Though in-ground pools can naturally be damaged, both in-ground and out-ground pools can have vinyl tears. Most pools will have vinyl liners to help protect the surfaces of the pool from any minor damages and scraps. The liner is a great choice in a swimming pool because it is smooth to the touch and nonporous, which means that algae won’t grow on the material. If your pool has a liner, you may have to pay for any tears. Most liner tears will only require a $20 patch kit to fix. However, if there is extensive damage to your liner, you may have to pay up to $1,700.00 for a full replacement.

Swimming Pool Leak Repair

If your pool has a leak, you may notice by either your backyard being flooded or your water bill going sky-high. Leaks aren’t so much of a pool issue, as much as they are a plumbing issue. In-ground swimming pools require a main line to feed water into the pool and a return line to take it away, as well as a pool filter pump.
Most homeowners will choose to replace a water line rather than try to fix the leak. Most of the time, replacing a line is fairly priced and requires less stress than trying to fix the already-installed tube. Most of the expense that homeowners pay for isn’t necessarily the materials to replace the lines, but the labor. Replacing a tube can be a labor-intensive job, which is why most pool companies will charge a little extra for this service. Typically, a pool leak fix will cost you around $1,000.00.

Pool Crack Repairs

Most pools are made from concrete. Unfortunately, concrete can be susceptible to cracking. Cracks are typically not in the concrete itself, however, but in the plaster coating. Repairing this involves draining the pool a resurfacing the inside of it. If the crack goes all the way to the concrete layer of your pool, the crack must be widened a bit and fill with caulking. Of course, this means that you will have to drain your pool in order to fix the crack. If you have a crack longer than a foot, you will typically have to pay up to $65.00 per linear foot. If you are looking for concrete pool repair, it is best to rely on the nearest professional. In no way is pool repair a DIY project, so instead of making the problem worse — contact a professional.

AmeriTex Swimming Pool Repair Service

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