When the air is dry and the temperature outside is warm, your first inclination would be to enjoy the outdoors. When the weather is nice and hot, a pool can be your private paradise. Swimming pools are a great addition to any home, both for their entertainment and relaxing aspects. Whether you are lounging, exercising, or playing in the rippling blue water, a home pool is a must. If you have a pool and have enjoyed it for

many years, you may have noticed it age. Over time, your pool can become worn or outdated. The filtration system could be working slowly or with struggle. Your pool could also have developed staining along the sides, or tile could be missing from its border. No matter the wear and

tear, most pools eventually will need a little TLC, which is where we come in!
At AmeriTex Pool Services, we have professional technicians that are ready and able to handle any of your remodeling requests. “Poolscaping” is a complicated task that requires an understanding of how the pool works and how to rejuvenate your pool to its original condition. If you are interested, the following are just a few tasks we are happy to help you with:

    • Reapplying Pool Tile
    • Refurbishment of Your Pool Deck
    • Cleaning and Removing Stains
    • General Cleaning and Repairs