To help your pool remain cleaner and trouble free longer, AmeriTex Pools Services offers filter cleaning for our pool owners. Regular cleaning of your pool filter will ensure the most efficient and longest life possible out of your system. When you call for a filter clean for your pool, our technician will clean and inspect the filter from top to bottom. If you have a DE filter, our technician will inspect the grids for holes, tears, damage and frame break down. If you have a Cartridge filter, our technician will check all bands to make sure they are still intact and check for cracks on top and bottom of cartridges. In addition, they will also rinse all debris off cartridges and grids, inspect the filter housing for any visible cracks, check the spreader plate for cracks, inspect the manifold, stand pipe, filter clamp, pressure gauge and all other O-rings for tears and warping to make sure you get the best performance possible for your pool.

With all of our services you receive unlimited filter cleaning