At AmeriTex Pool Services, we are dedicated to providing your pool with the best in pool care and chemical treatment. Our business is proud to be in the Houston area, as well as to serve the residents of this beautiful city. Due to the fact that summertime gets very hot here in Texas, having a swimming pool to cool down and relax in can be a huge benefit to you. Many homeowners hesitate when buying a home with a pool because they will think that the maintenance required will be too much to handle. We don’t deny that swimming pool maintenance can be a lot to take on. Pools require knowledge to keep it clean, the water well-balanced, and the pumps working. Because there are so many factors incorporated into making a pool function properly, some homeowners can shy away from the responsibility.

Though swimming pools are quite a bit of work to maintain, you don’t necessarily have to be taking on all the responsibility. At AmeriTex Pool Services, we work with you to maintain your pool. We have a plethora of pool-related services, from pool cleaning to pool repair services. So, whether you want to be fully involved in your pool’s cleaning or not at all, our company can help you keep your pool working at its top condition.

Look through our services and see which is most compatible with your needs! We are an eco-friendly, professional pool service that is capable of handling any of your pool care requests. If you have any questions about the areas we serve or what to expect from our services, please visit our “Areas We Serve” page. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us with any of your questions. We have representatives waiting to answer your call. Contact our business today!