Pool Repair Services

Everybody knows that a swimming pool is a huge benefit in the summer. Instead of sweating in the summer heat, you can jump into the cool oasis of your own private swimming pool. Although there are plenty of benefits, swimming pools do require a bit of maintenance. Swimming pool chemical maintenance, repairs, and restorations all play a crucial role in the upkeep of your pool.
In this blog, we will be discussing why winter is the best time to drain your pool and have AmeriTex Pool Services help you with its repairs.

Why Repairs Matter

At AmeriTex Pool Services, we are dedicated to the upkeep of your swimming pool. We know as much as any that swimming pools can be a glorious item to own, especially in the summer heat. However, in order to properly use your pool, you will need to ensure it is chemically balanced, cleaned, and restored for common use. For instance, if there is a leak in your swimming pool, your pool will not be functioning properly. Worse, if your pool has a leak, this typically means that gallons of precious water is leaking out of your pool and into your property. This can be bad for two reasons. For one, water is expensive, and if you are losing gallons of water from your pool, you are probably losing a lot of money as well. Second, when you have a leak, and water is flooding into the soil of your property, it could easily damage the ecosystem. After all, the water in your pool is highly chlorinated in order to keep it clean, when chemically enhanced water reaches the nearby soil it can kill plants, insects, and even animals.

Dealing with Swimming Pool Leaks

If you have a leak, you will be able to tell by the water level of your pool. If you have filled your pool, only to find it significantly lower the next day, you probably have a leak. Leaks can occur from small cracks, pipes breaking, or other hard-to-see reasons. Because leaks are hard to detect, it isn’t always easy to spot a problem, especially in the winter. Winter often can cause leaks, especially if pipes freeze and thaw out repeatedly, which leads to breakage. Because you won’t typically use your swimming pool in the winter, it is common that you will forget all about it. However, even if you are not using your swimming pool, does not magically mean that leaks and other damages cannot occur. Pool restorations are necessary year-round, especially if there is a serious problem to fix.

What Types of Problems Are There?

Pool repairs range greatly, from the smallest crack to a gaping hole. How does this happen? Pool damage can occur from a large list of things. For instance, the smallest earthquake can shift your pool in odd ways and cause cracks and holes. Also, if your pool is old and has sustained a lot of damage, natural wear and tear can appear as small cracks and even pipe breakage. But what common types of repairs are needed for your pool?

Leaks: Leaks can happen to your pool at any time and has the potential to cost you hundreds of dollars. Luckily, fixing a leak can be easier than you may think.

Cleaning: If your pool has not been used or cared for in a while, it will need to be drained and deep-cleaned. After months without a proper cleaning or chemical solution, a swimming pool can build up grime on the side of its walls. The only way to remedy this is by draining the pool completely and scrubbing its sides.

Pipes: Pipes can break, especially if you live in a place where outdoor temperatures can freeze certain items. Without working pipes, your pool will not be able to function properly and filter the chlorine solution. Typically, with restoration services, you will need to be able to identify which pipe is broken and order a new part. As most homeowners aren’t pool experts, this type of repair can be challenging. Luckily, there are pool professionals near you that can help!

Stains: Stains happen when bits of debris or other materials sink to the bottom of your pool. The debris, mixed with the chlorine, combine to cause an array of colorful stains. These stains are eyesores, which need to be cleaned off before they permanently stain the material of your pool.

Why Winter is the Best Time for Repairs?

Winter is the best time for repairs because you are not using your pool. By taking the time to resolve any issues with your pool during the off-season, you can then enjoy it when it is hot outside. The worst thing in the world is to have a pool, but not being able to use it because of mal-use. Swimming pools that are not cared for, do not last. Because of this, it is important that you are up-to-date with your pool’s needs. Repairs and restoration services ensure that your pool is functioning properly and looks the best it can be. During the winter, you will be better able to drain the pool and have our team help you with its restoration.

AmeriTex Leak Repair and Restoration

At AmeriTex, we have trained professionals ready to help maintain your pool. Not only will we be able to provide repairs and restoration services, but we will be able to educate you on how to maintain your pool during the on and off-seasons. If you are interested in our swimming pool leak services, contact us today!