Pool Maintenance For Houston Residents

If your pool is green, don’t freak out. Freaking out about it does nothing for anybody. Instead of stressing about your pool being a green color, you should wonder why your pool is green. In this blog series, we have discussed several things you can do to keep up with your pool’s maintenance needs. In the first portion of this series, we talked about testing out the water and shocking the system with chlorine. Both of these are the first steps to figuring out why your pool turned green and how to eventually fix the problem. If you don’t have any understanding of chemicals, however, you need to contact a professional pool maintenance service. A pool cleaning maintenance company will be able to observe your pool and arrive with exact solutions to its problems. And, because green pools typically symbolize chemical imbalances, you will need to be able to balance the water.
If you have no understanding of chemicals, or what it takes to properly balance your pool, you should not go at it alone. Calling a professional service like AmeriTex Pool Services, will ensure that you get the very best pool maintenance the first time. Make it easier on yourself and give us a call.

The Next Steps for Pool Maintenance

Okay, so now you have shocked the system of your pool, now we have to circulate the water a little. But, in order to do so, you need to figure out what type of pool filter you have. Again, if you don’t know anything about your pool, you may need a professional to clarify some things for you.

So, why does knowing about your filter matter?

Simply put: every filter is different.

There are three possible filters you could have:

  • Diatomaceous Earth Filters (DE)
  • Sand Filter
  • Cartridge Filter

DE Filters: For each filter, filtration takes different steps and a different amount of time. DE filters require to be “backwashed” first and then added with specialized DE powder —and no, we don’t mean “backwashed” like what happens when you drink out of a bottle of water. We mean the technical maintenance term of using your own pool’s water to filter out dirt and debris from your pool

In order for the backwashing to work, the pump must run for 24 hours. When working with a DE filter, you need to make sure all obstructions are taken out of the pool. This will help the filter work at full capacity.

Sand Filters: Sand filters are very familiar to DE filters but their backwashing time will typically only take a minimum of five minutes. This obviously is a little more convenient for you as your pool maintenance attendant will be able to balance your pool in one visit, rather than a collection of separate visits.

Cartridge Filters: This type of filter needs to be cleaned regularly. Unlike other filters, these types of filters require a little more maintenance. Your maintenance attendant will have to clean the filter at least twice a day for a minimum of two days. This will ensure that the filter is completely cleaned and will work efficiently to balance out your pool.

Filtering Your Pool Continued

Regardless of the filter you own, you will need to let the chemicals filter for at least 24 hours. This circulation process is important because it will be able to transform your pool from a disgusting green color back to its clear-blue shade. If your pool is still green (however very unlikely), there might be a larger underlying issue with your pool or the chemicals you have put in the system.
As stated, your filtration system will determine how quickly your balancing job will take. For example, sand filters can take over a week to fully work. You will need to talk to a professional about when it will be okay to swim in your pool again.
In order to keep your pool clear, you will need to make sure that your filter is working, you are continually adding chlorine to your pool, and using a water clarification solution. Without these three steps, you will almost certainly have a green pool. Without the proper balancing act, algae will build up in your pool and make it “un-swimmable.”

Cleaning Out Your Pool Filters

One of the key reasons your pool’s chemical balance will get out of whack is because the filter is not clean. Caring for your pool filter is essential to the health of your swimming pool. If you have a busy life, you may not be able to keep up with the maintenance your filter requires.

For instance, DE filters, sand filters, and cartridge filters all need different cleaning processes, at different frequencies.

Sand filters need to be backwashed once every two weeks to function properly.

Cartridge filters will need to be cleaned every three-to-four weeks, but requires a longer filtration process in order to clean out your pool.

Last, but certainly not least, DE filters need to be backwashed once a month. These are the least labor-intensive filters, but may require more cleaning products to fully balance your pool.

AmeriTex Pool Services

If you don’t know about backwashing, or even what filter you have, this is a perfect indication that you need the help of a professional pool service. AmeriTex is a proud Houston-based pool company that can help you and the clarity of your pool. Contact us today for our pool chemical expertise.