How to Care for Your Pool in the Winter?

Just as you have to care for your pool while you are using it in the summer, you still have to maintain it in the winter. In our last blog, we discussed some of the tasks you must complete in order to keep your pool clean and well-maintained. Today, we will continue with our list of tasks you must to do ensure your pool will be maintained to use for the next season.

Add Chlorine

In our past blog, you might remember that we mentioned adding algaecide to your pool when you are not using it. Well, as you add algaecide to your pool to control algae growth, you also must add chlorine as well. Chlorine is a helpful chemical that not only kills off microorganisms like algae, but also other bacteria in your pool. Chlorine is the essential ingredient to keep your pool sanitary and usable year after year.
Of course, not many people are comfortable putting chlorine into their own pool. For one, chlorine is a very strong chemical that should be handled with care. Second, your pool requires very specific amounts of chlorine. For example, too little of chlorine won’t keep your pool clear of algae or any other bacteria. On the other hand, too much chlorine could toxify your pool’s water and make it murky. Because of the precision needed to put in your pool’s chlorine, it can be a better idea to hire a pool maintenance professional.

Keep Your Cover Clear of Debris

One of the major maintenance tips you need to keep in mind is that your pool cover must be kept clear of any debris. That means if leaves or sticks blow onto your pool cover, it is best to brush them off. Why?
During the winter, sticks and leaves can get blown onto your pool cover and then fall into your pool. When leaves and sticks enter your pool, they bring with them dirt, bacteria, and organic matter. When items like these enter your pool, they can not only disrupt the chemical balance of your pool, but they can also cause stains to the concrete areas of your pool. If you would like to keep your pool as clean as possible, keeping your pool and its cover clear of any debris is crucial.

Make Sure Your Pool Cover Fits

Making sure your pool cover fits your pool sort of goes hand-in-hand with keeping your pool clear. If you have a pool cover that does not fit your pool, more debris could find its way into your pool. For instance, if you get a pool cover that is too small, items like leaves can easily find their way into your pool. Because of this, you want to ensure that when you get your cover that it fits perfectly. This may require you to measure out your pool’s dimensions in order to receive a precise cover. Though this may take a bit of work, your pool cover is essential to your pool’s care, especially during the off-season.

AmeriTex Pool Services

Swimming pool maintenance can be challenging, especially in the off-season. When you are not using your pool, it can be easy to forget about it. After all, why would you think about something that you never use? If you don’t want or know how to properly care for your pool, perhaps a professional pool service is just what you need. AmeriTex Pool Services is a local Houston, Texas, company dedicated to your swimming pool maintenance. If you are interested in our services, contact us today!