Do I Need to Care for My Pool In the Winter?

Swimming pools are great features to your home, however, they are typically only usable when the weather is warm, such as in the summertime. But, in the off-season, you may wonder if your pool needs the same amount of care it did in the summer. The answer? Well, your swimming pool needs care year-round, there is no doubt about that. The real question is, kind of care does it need?
In this blog, we will be discussing the care your swimming pool needs when it is not in use. This winter, you want to make sure that you are taking care of your pool that best way you can. With this blog, you can gain insights to be a better, wiser pool owner.

What to Expect for Off-Season Pool Care

When the weather is cold, that means you won’t want to use your pool. Unless, of course, you like the occasional “polar bear plunge.” But, if you would like to use your pool only for the summer season, there is still care involved during the winter. Though it is cold outside and you may not want to clean or filter your pool, your swimming pool needs constant attention. Below are some tips and tricks for maintaining your swimming pool for the off-season.

Add Preventative Chemicals to Your Pool’s Water

Chemicals keep your pool clean and prevent the development of algae. Just as you or your pool cleaner adds chlorine in the summer, the winter season requires another type of chemical solution. In the cold season, you should use an algaecide to prevent algae from taking over your pool. You will want to add an algaecide that ruminates in your pool for an extended people of time so that is spreads throughout your pool. Once the chemical solution has been in your pool, run the pool pump for 24 hours to fully circulate the solution. Once you have properly made sure that the chemical solution is fully in the water, you can turn off your circulation system. Typically, you never want to shut off your circulation system, however, with algaecide in your pool, you are protected from an algae infestation.

Check Your Pool’s System Frequently

In Houston, it never really gets THAT cold. But still, you want to keep an eye on your pool’s system. That means you should be checking its pipes and motorized parts regularly. Since water freezes, you should always drain your pump, pool heater, and filter. You should also drain the water in your pool below the pool skimmer. Typically, you will want to drain and remove any water that surrounds the main systems of your pool. As it gets colder, water is more at risk to freeze. Because of this draining, the water of your systems can protect them from the freezing water. This tip isn’t that applicable to Houston homes, as it rare ever freeze, but any residence in a colder climate will have to be very careful and check their pool’s systems often. After all, one broken pipe could ruin the whole pool system.

AmeriTex Pool Services

Unlike other pool services, AmeriTex is a year-round pool service. Whether you need swimming pool maintenance or cleaning services, we can assist you. Most homeowners don’t have the time, patience, or energy to address all of the maintenance demands of their swimming pool. Luckily, companies like AmeriTex Pool Services exist to help you maintain, clean, and restore your pool. Contact us today if you are interested in our services. We have representatives awaiting your call to answer any questions you may have.

Stay tuned for part two of this blog series, as we continue to discuss ways to maintain your pool during the off-season.