Why Owning a Pool is a Benefit

Swimming pools add value and fun to a home. A swimming pool gives families something to use, especially during extra-hot summer days. But using your pool when it is hot isn’t the only benefit swimming pools have to offer. In fact, swimming pools come with a list of benefits for owners.
In this blog, we will discuss why owning a swimming pool for your San Antonio home is such a benefit to you.

Home Improvement Value

A home with a swimming pool increases its value. Any time that an extra feature is added to a home, the value of that home goes up by seven percent — especially when swimming pools are added! If you are wanting to increase the value of your home, with the hope of selling it one day, adding features, such as decking, patios, or even swimming pools are ideal.


Swimming is an excellent source of exercise. In fact, you lose almost 90 percent of your body weight when you are swimming. This means that swimming is more physically demanding than running. So, if you are looking for a workout that has more benefit, swimming is ideal.
But swimming isn’t just for the physically “hardcore.” In fact, swimming can be adapted for slower swimmers or even the elderly. Water aerobics is a perfect form of working out because it takes the weight off of your joints. The elderly typically use water aerobics to still stay active, without the weight on their joints. If you are elderly or have a serious physical injury, working out in the water can be a great alternative.

Family Time

Pools can be a great benefit to families who would like to designate time together. A swimming pool keeps all participants close together, which allows them to play and swim with each other. As a family, swimming pools can give you a sense of togetherness. Plus, as a parent, it is rare that you will get to partake in an activity that is suited for the whole family. With swimming pools, there isn’t an age requirement! From young to old, swimming pools can be enjoyed by everyone. Young children, too, can enjoy the swimming pool if properly protected with a flotation device and an alert parent nearby.

Activity for the Kids and Grandkids

Kids have a lot of energy — almost too much! If you are a parent or grandparent that would like to entertain your children or grandchildren, a pool is key. Swimming can take up hours of a child’s day and tire them out by dinner time. This can be a benefit for parents that struggle to get their children willingly to bed. Swimming pools can naturally wear down the body, so you are often very tired after a long day of playing and swimming around. A home pool is a great way to entertain your children, as well as tire them out so they get a good night’s rest.

Maintenance Assistance with AmeriTex Pool Services

Pools have many benefits for a homeowner. By owning a pool, you have a resource to use for decades. Though pools can be a tremendous benefit, they do require a bit of care. Swimming pool maintenance can be complex, especially if you aren’t familiar with the system or the chemicals needed to clean it. AmeriTex Pool Services offers trained individuals to help clean and maintain your swimming pool. San Antonio is a great place to own a swimming pool. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to increase your home’s value! With our help, we can ensure that your pool runs at its peak performance. Contact us today.