We make great strides to make environmentally-conscious decisions for our business. Our company has prided itself on the choices we have made to benefit not only our customers, but our planet. Too often other pool companies will use harmful chemicals and technologies that have the potential to damage the environment. It is our belief at AmeriTex, that we have a responsibility to the well-being of our planet. Because we take this responsibility so seriously, we have encouraged environmentally-safe methods throughout our entire company. By using these alternative strategies, we are able to do our part for the health of Earth, as well as deliver a one-of-a-kind service to our customers.
You may wonder how we involve environmentally-conscious methods into our services? Well, we incorporate Earth-friendly techniques particularly through our modes of transportation and the technology we use for each job. For example, AmeriTex equips our technicians with hybrid vehicles that are capable of being both fuel efficient and healthy for the environment. Not only that, but our business utilizes eco-friendly pool sanitizing systems. By using these systems we not only help the planet, but give our customers a thorough and cleaning service.

More of our methods include:

  • Energy efficient heaters
  • Variable-speed pumps
  • LED technology
  • Eco-friendly pool sanitizing systems
  • Pool Automation

Not only do we use these methods, but we also make sure that our technicians use route optimization strategies. This strictly means that our employees take the fastest route to and from your home, as a way to low the amount of gas intake from our vehicles. Making these decisions is not easy, and these choices are sometimes not the easiest to make, however, they are the best and most sustainable. Knowing that we are doing our part for our planet is a big priority within our business. When you hire AmeriTex, you can rest assured knowing you employed an eco-conscious service.

 We Use Efficient Vehicles for all of our Servicing

We save 9 tons CO2/yr per vehicle used

Eco-friendly pool sanitizing systems

Ameritex Pool Services has a long history of managing and treating water with advanced technology in water filtration and purification serving commercial and residential customers around Greater Houston.

A leading cause of waterborne illness and is highly resistant to chlorine disinfection

E. Coli Bacteria
Can cause urinary tract infections, respiratory illness and other health issues

A microscopic parasite that causes severe intestinal discomfort