Pool’s can be costly to repair, which means you want to find an affordable pool repair service in your local Houston area. AmeriTex Pool Services offers swimming pool leak repair services to Houston residents. If your pool has a leak, you don’t want to waste any time getting help. Pool leaks have the potential to be disastrous to your home and the property surrounding your pool — not to mention your wallet! After all, just image gallons and gallons of pool water being released on your property. Receive professional repair services from AmeriTex today. Contact us to schedule an appointment or to speak with a representative.

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  2. 5 Common Pool Repairs and How to Prevent Them

    Know About Your Pool Repairs! Pools are complex machines; they require a network of filters, pipes, and pumps to work properly. With the complexity of the system, it may come as no surprise that something can break or eventually need to be fixed. Pool equipment, plumbing, and even decking may need f…Read More

  3. Pool Repair Services Everybody knows that a swimming pool is a huge benefit in the summer. Instead of sweating in the summer heat, you can jump into the cool oasis of your own private swimming pool. Although there are plenty of benefits, swimming pools do require a bit of maintenance. Swimming pool …Read More