Nothing is worse than coming home to a green pool. Pools that have greenish tints are not safe to swim in and should not be ignored. AmeriTex Pool Services offers our customers pool chemical maintenance services to help regulate your pool’s pH level. With our help and guidance, we can ensure that your pools alkaline levels are balanced. This will help keep your pool clean and clear all year! Most importantly, consistent chemical maintenance care can prevent future incidents concerning your pool. If you are interested in a blue pool you and your family can safely swim in, contact AmeriTex Pool Services today.


  1. How to Do Pool Cleaning Maintenance Part 1

    When Your Swimming Pool is Green If your pool is sporting a green or murky tint, odds are, something about your filtration system is not working. If your pool is green or clouded, do not swim in it. It could either be a chemical imbalance, which would be bad for your skin, or a problem with your poo…Read More