When you hire AmeriTex for your pool service needs, you are bringing in highly-trained service technicians. Our business primarily focuses on the key elements of water chemistry. Our goal is to improve your swimming pool’s water quality, while also making improvements to its overall system. When it comes to pool maintenance, there is a lot more that goes into a pool than just cleaning. Though making sure the water and pool is clean and clear, it is also important to make sure there are no leaks or cracks in the pool. At AmeriTex, we work to maintain your pool, but also provide swimming pool leak repairs. Leaks can not only waste water, but be very costly to the quality of your soil, and sometimes to your home. A small leak can rack of hundreds of dollars in water loss and eventual repair. By having our trained professionals inspect your pool regularly, we can keep a watchful eye on the well-being of your pool.
In winter, your pool can go through a lot of changes — not all beneficial. Having a pool maintenance cleaning service taking care of your pool both in the winter and the summer months will be able to keep up the quality of your pool. Over the seasons, dirt, leaves, and rocks can collect in your pool, diminishing the clarity of the water and the functionality of its filtering system. If you do not have a regular maintenance service, your pool could suffer.
If you are currently having difficulty keeping up with your pool’s maintenance, such as cleaning, restoration, or even repairs, contact your local pool service professionals. AmeriTex is proud to serve the greater Houston, Texas area. If you are interested in our service, visit our website to see if your home is in our range of services.